Who are they ?

This question could sound impertinent. But in order to understand how the Beatles were influenced by the Blues, this question must be answered properly.

The Quarrymen


The Quarrymen was a skiffle band born in Liverpool by John Lennon. In 1957, Paul Mc Cartney joined the group, followed by George Harrison one year later. Their first record was a cover from a Buddy Holly song  ” That’ll Be The Day“, a typical Rock and Roll song with the twelve chords of Blues, with a quicker rhythmic insisting on the backbeat.

The band acquired experience playing regularly  in Liverpool.  At the same time, their manager Brian Epstein worked hard to improve their image in order to fit for media, and searched for a label to record and produce the Beatles (that was the name they finally came up with).

The Beatles

The Beatles were rejected from major label in UK (Philips, Decca, Columbia, etc. ). They finally signed a contract with the record label Parlophone after firing their drummer Pete Best to replace him by Ringo Starr who they knew from their trip to Hamburg. Their first single “Love Me Do” was a success among American and British charts and was played on the radios. They recorded their first album Please, Please me one year later.

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