Their influences

The Rolling Stones were HUGE Blues and Rhythm and Blues fans. Their biggest influence comes from the Chicago Blues. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger could pass days only listening to blues songs. And it’s the kind of music that influenced their group. To the point that at the beginning of the band, they would only play covers of Blues songs. Even their first album is mostly composed of blues covers, from the 12 songs only 3 are original compositions.

For exemple they covered Carol from Chuck Berry, here it is :

And the one from the Rolling Stones :

Just from hearing you can tell it’s a cover, plus they gave credit to Chuck Berry. The fact is to learn how to play Chuck Berry’s songs, Keith Richards happened to go with Mick Jagger to the theatre watching over and over again a movie from a live performance of Chuck to see how he played the guitar to imitate him. I put too one of the first song they wrote, which is on this album : Tell me (You’re Coming Back)

You can clearly hear the Blues influence in this song, with first the title of the song about a man wanting his woman back but she will never return and he sinks into madness, the theme is dark and sad. The rhythm stays quite the same, instead for the solo where it changes. It also takes inspiration in the Beatles style with the chord singing together with Mick.

And when they started to tour in the U.S.A they finally had the chance to meet their idols. And later, Keith Richards became close friend with Chuck Berry and even played with him during concerts and even introduced to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. Plus, during their Americans tour they (most of the time Keith and Mick) happened to go, after their concerts, in bars in poor districts so that they could listen to black people singing the Blues.


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