Who is Led Zeppelin ?

LZ pic

Led Zeppelin is an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The band was at the time composed of 4 musicians – Jimmy Page, the guitarist, Robert Plant, the singer, John Paul Jones, the bassist and keyboarder and John Bonham the drummer. Some of their main hits were “Stairway to Heaven” for instance, or “Whole Lotta Love”…

They were active between 1968 and 1980 as Led Zeppelin, some members of the group were playing as the Yardbirds (Jimmy Page) before 1968. After 1980 they kept playing but not under the same name. The group disbanded in 1980 after the death of John Bonham, the drummer of their group.

Led Zeppelin used a guitar style that drew heavily on the blues; its early repertoire included remakes of songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King, and Willie Dixon. They drew so heavily in the blues that they were, as we will debate in another article, sued by many blues artists because they failed to give proper credits to the original artists of the songs they covered, hence were and still are accused of plagiarism.


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