CCR’s tribute to the blues

In the previous article I introduced the idea that contrary to Led Zeppelin, Creedence paid credits to the original artists when they covered a song, therefore we cannot speak about plagiarism in their case.  What is important to grasp with Creedence is that their music genre is unique, contrary to what the critics/people use to say about them, saying that Creedence is a band playing rock and roll only just like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones,  the Doors, and so on. The music Creedence made was a melting pot of different genres, going from blues to rock including country, psychedelia (a category of rock music)…

Classifying Creedence’s songs in different categories based on the music genre would take ages to do so considering how varied their repertoire is. One cannot just put a single tag on Creedence’s face to define their music style, it is complex. Some albums are more rock than others but there is always a kind of balance in their work for every genre cited above can be found in any of their albums. Here is one of their blues songs. The blues style can either be heard through the lyrics or through the tune. The lyrics have the same features as original blues songs with the repetition of the same verse multiple time during the song, the theme, here of moving, typical of this genre.

Their music was different from one to song to another, their famous song “Fortunate Son” has nothing in common with “Feelin Blue”, though it is the same artists that are performing, that says a lot about Creedence’s variety of genre.

Of course their covers of the blues were a bit modified so we could hear their rock style but they kept the original lyrics, thus keeping alive the “blues” spirit and the message the artists of the old days tried to convey through their songs. Creedence kept the blues alive, even though it was a rock version of the blues, in a period that was to be dedicated and remembered for the birth of the rock and roll.

The funny thing in this is that today the roles are reversed, blues artists are paying tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival with an album entitled “A blues tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival” featuring artists such as Duke Robillard, Sonny Landreth, Mike Zito… They cover Creedence’s classics such as Born on the Bayou, Proud Mary and so on, with a blues tune.

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