Covers or Plagiarism ?

In the previous article entitled “The Blues influences in Led Zeppelin’ songs”, we pointed out clearly that it was not always clear if Led Zeppelin covered songs or plagiarized them. First we need to define what is the difference between the two. The difference lies in the fact that in a cover, proper credits are given to the original artists of the song, whereas when the song is plagiarized few credits or even no credit at all are given to the original artists. In Led Zeppelin case, as we will see in details, they most of the time they failed to give credits. The following picture illustrates pretty well the problem.


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The previous picture is not a comprehensive list of all Led Zeppelin’s songs that have been covered/copied. This list is anyway going to change, soon or later, as Led Zeppelin is getting sued by most artists/records company to whom they owe money due to the credits thing.

Even though Led Zeppelin failed to give credits to many songs, some people like to argue that they copied unknown songs and made diamonds of them and that these unknown songs would have not been known but for Led Zeppelin. Obviously, the contrary argument is to say that they shamelessly ripped blues songs… In my opinion, both opinions are valuable, but it is neither black or white in this case, the similarities are just as many as the differences so we could argue on and on, and in the end anyone is free to conclude whether or not their songs are rip-offs.

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